Daycare Cleaning

With more businesses beginning to reopen, many parents are wondering what to do with their children who are too young for school as they go back to work and just aren’t able to stay home all day. A year ago anyone would’ve just suggested finding a good daycare program, but with so many concerned about COVID-19, you can’t just send your child to any old facility. All daycares SHOULD be taking the steps needed to keep everyone safe, but that’s no guarantee that they all are.

However, with proper cleaning and disinfecting measures in place, parents can rest assured that their children are staying safe and healthy. Children explore their environment by touching and putting things into their mouths. This is natural behavior but can at times pose some very obvious health risks in the right environment. For these reasons, daycares can quickly become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and viruses, so they should at least be taking basic steps to mitigate this. Lets’s go over some of the things daycares should be doing, and things that we would do were we handling the janitorial services.

Green Cleaners

Personally, at Commercial Cleaners of Charlotte, we think that it’s important to maximize the use of chemical-free agents, like green cleaning products because they are safer. Residual chemical fumes can be dangerous to children, who are more vulnerable and could have adverse reactions to chemicals in some traditional cleaners. The inhalation or ingestion of even a tiny amount of a traditional cleaning product could cause serious damage.

Green cleaning products do not include harsh chemicals or ingredients that are harmful to children or pets if inhaled or ingested. When using these green cleaners to clean your daycare, focus on high-touch areas such as tabletops, chairs, doorknobs, bookcases, and more things like that. These are the areas most likely to be home to any diseases and be the physical place of a transmission. Green cleaning products are not only safer for use around children, but they are also better for the environment and can be used on all the surfaces listed above, with the same level of effectiveness as any other cleaner would.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms, of course, should be cleaned daily. During a public health crisis, the bathroom should even be cleaned multiple times throughout the day if needed. Mainly make sure you pay attention to all of the high traffic areas like handles, knobs, etc. Bathrooms not only need to be cleaned but disinfected, germs need to be killed 100%. Learn more about our disinfection services and what they entail, but basically cleaning is only removing surface debris while disinfection punches deep to get anything a regular cleaning just can’t and keep the surface clean after that.

Ensuring Your Facility is Clean and Safe for Children

Maintaining a daycare is a full-time effort that requires focus and attention on the children, so worrying about cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day, especially during a pandemic can be overwhelming. If you are a daycare owner and concerned about the cleanliness of your facility or the capacity of your staff to keep it clean, you may want to consider hiring a professional commercial cleaning service like ourselves to handle it for you. Our professional cleaners have the knowledge, experience, and tools to ensure your daycare is clean and safe for people of all ages. With our cleaning and disinfecting and you continuing safe practices with the virus still around, daycare should be no problem and your children should stay healthy! Learn more about our commercial cleaning services.