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COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live and conduct business. To meet this new normal, we have undergone extensive training to be accredited for commercial disinfection.

For your employees and clients’ health and safety, it is imperative to understand that cleaning and disinfection are different processes even though the terms are interchangeably used. Cleaning refers to the routine cleaning of your office or workplace. Cleaning is essential for hygiene and maintaining a healthy work environment. This process removes dirt, dust, mold, and a significant portion of the surface bacteria and viruses.

Disinfection is conducted only after an office has been sanitized. This is a critical difference 

The disinfection process proceeds as follows:

  • A hospital-grade disinfectant will be sprayed onto surfaces that have just been cleaned.
  • The disinfectant will remain on the surface for the duration prescribed by the manufacturer (typically about 10 minutes).
  • A microfiber cloth is used to wipe the disinfectant from the surface.
  • The surfaces are rinsed to ensure no residue of the disinfectant remains.

This process assures that maximum disinfection occurs as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Why is our certification in disinfection so important? 

Many companies offer disinfection as part of their services, but most do not truly know how to disinfect properly. This leads to two problems.  The first is that when using those services, your office will NOT be disinfected. The second is that those companies often do not follow EPA guidelines on how to use the disinfectant safely. Moreover, they often use high-tech gadgets such as electrostatic sprayers.  Those sprayers look “cool” but are not more effective. These sprayers are very, very expensive, and lead to higher costs for you. By working with us, you can rest easy that you will get the most effective solution that can be safely delivered to you without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Disinfecting Offices in and Around the Charlotte Area

  • Lawyer’s Offices
  • Banks
  • Dentists
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Insurance Offices
  • and more!

ad dependableDisinfection Service FAQs

Can the disinfecting solution just be used as part of the regular cleaning process? Sure! But the surface will not be truly disinfected. When a disinfecting solution is applied to a dirty surface, the dirt on that surface absorbs some of the disinfectants, and the surface underneath is not being treated. Furthermore, contrary to what advertisers would let you believe, disinfectants do not work on contact. They must remain on the surface for a certain amount of time. Don’t believe us? Read the label of any (we mean any) disinfectant. The label states to apply to a clean surface and allow the product to sit for some time. How long it must sit depends on the product and what organism is being killed. A virus requires a different amount of time than a fungus.

Does the surface need to be wiped and rinsed after applying the disinfectant?
At a bare minimum, the surface should be wiped so that the microfiber cloth picks up most of the disinfectant and dead microorganisms. We recommend rinsing any surface that could come in contact with food. Remember, a disinfectant kills bacteria irrespective of whether that bacteria is “good” bacteria (like those living in your body) and “bad” bacteria (like those that can make you sick). Our goal through rinsing is to ensure that none of the disinfectant is ingested even in small amounts.

Does my office need disinfection? Not necessarily. In our opinion, there needs to be a compelling reason before we recommend a client undertake the expense of disinfection. If the office has been closed for several months and is only now opening, then most likely disinfection is not needed. Clients may still decide to have the office disinfected to bring peace of mind to their employees. Any business that has employees and/or customers coming on a regular basis can benefit greatly from regular disinfection services.

How do we ensure that our cleaners are not sick? Please see our section on COVID-19 Safety.

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