Poorly cleaned offices lead to tenant dissatisfaction and higher vacancy rates. True story. In 2019, we decided to move offices. Why? Our original office building became uninhabitable. When we moved into that office in 2013 it was spectacular. Great location, affordable rent, and great landlord. The cleaning company they used was also very good. Then the landlord decided to change cleaning companies. We threw our hat in the ring to see if they would hire us (after all, we are a cleaning company!). We were shocked on how little they wanted to pay for cleaning. They hired a low-cost cleaning company and the office building went to shambles. In just a couple of years, the landlord lost 80% of the tenants and, to this day, remains largely unoccupied. Why? The new cleaning company had to cut corners wherever possible because they were paid so poorly. Bathrooms became disgustingly dirty and hallways were always full of debris. We were embarrassed to have applicants come to the building and other tenants did not want their customers to come! That landlord is now losing tens of thousands of dollars per month in rent because of poor cleanings.

Why choose a reputable and exemplary commercial cleaning service?

Make a positive impression on your clients and employees  – Having a pristine office shows that you care about your image and making a great first impression.  Unprofessional, low budget cleaning services will simply empty trash, quickly “clean” a bathroom and spot sweep floors and carpets. Eventually, their lack of attention to detail starts to build up leading the very dusty furniture and baseboards, cobwebs, smudges on front door glass etc. An unclean office space will make a lasting, negative, impression with your clients and employees. By working with a commercial cleaning service that has relentless attention to detail, you, your customers and employees will be wowed with the results each and every time.

Cleanliness and employee health go hand in hand. With the advent of COVID-19, the need for cleanliness is even more pronounced. Offices need to be disinfected frequently to keep employees productive and healthy. Only a few commercial cleaning services in Charlotte are certified in disinfection.

As with anything, there are hidden costs that need to be considered. Are you willing to replace furniture or replace entire surfaces because of careless damage by unreputable cleaning services? All it takes is using the wrong chemical one time, and that furniture is now essentially unusable. It’s unfortunate but that’s just another reason to hire the professionals, they know what they’re doing and are way less likely to make similar mistakes.

Work With Professional Commercial Cleaners

Working with professionals often makes all the difference. You wouldn’t trust an addition of your home to someone who just received a contractor’s license and has literally never hammered a nail before, so why would you let anyone other than an expert handle something as important as the cleanliness of your building and offices?

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